Väterchen Frost.

Our Väterchen Frost is up on Christmas GIF! Give it a like, stare at it for hours or send it back to us!

Eyes and Ears Award.

We just came back from Munich where we won the „Eyes and Ears of Europe Award“ in the category „Best 2D/3D-Animation“. And the best thing: We got it on tape!

We are over 1.000!

Thank you for your support!


finally. on telly.

Check out the first episode of the weekly road movie In Deutschland um die Welt starring Pierre M. Krause. Every tuesday at 10.15 pm on EinsPlus. We created the opener and graphics.
Here is the shortcut:

we are back.

Franchise Animated.

Franchise is the latest animated typeface by the awesome Animography project. It was realised by 110 animators and studios from around the world. We did the small caps f!

Download it for free here: http://animography.net/products/franchise

museum night.

For everybody who missed our contribution to the museum night in Mainz. Here is a little impression. Enjoy!
music: „Building a home“ by j.viewz


We have won the Webcuts Award in the Animation category which is amazing!
Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it to Berlin so we have sent them an acceptance speech. It might seem a little bit odd but we never thought that anyone would actually see it.


finally. back from Paris! We made second place at the Fubiz Awards 2013 in the category animation! Thank you guys for supporting us!

To get a brief impression of the event, check out the video. Thank you Fubiz!


If you run across some bearded fellows in the park, working on their poor Kendama-skills. That’s probably us.

Sunny weekend, everyone!

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