We secretly worked on a sequel to our animated photographs „My Favourite Childhood Nightmares“.
„My Favourite Adult Nightmares“ is beeing premiered tomorrow at Les Nuits Photographiques. So make sure to step by, if you are in Paris.


What a busy day. Thank god there was cake!

Europas Wilder Westen.

Just in case you have no plans for tomorrow morning … how about a little telly?
ARTE shows two documentaries about French Guiana.
We developed the design!



Our animated photographs „My Favourite Childhood Nightmares“ will be presented at the Circulations Festival. The opening is this saturday. Well worth a trip to Paris!


We will be at the local fair Aufwind tomorrow. If you are around drop by and say hello.


Väterchen Frost.

Our Väterchen Frost is up on Christmas GIF! Give it a like, stare at it for hours or send it back to us!

Eyes and Ears Award.

We just came back from Munich where we won the „Eyes and Ears of Europe Award“ in the category „Best 2D/3D-Animation“. And the best thing: We got it on tape!

We are over 1.000!

Thank you for your support!

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